Companion Dog – Basic Care & Training Program Overseas Students

2 Weeks Full Time

Whilst this program has been designed for Oveseas Students, resident students may also participate.

This two week program has been designed to introduce pet lovers to the world of dog care and training. It has been designed to provide a wide range of experiences of the pet dog industry in a very much hands-on way. At the end of this program, participants will have a clear understanding of what it is like to work in this industry and whether it suits their future goals. Furthermore, at the conclusion of the course if they would like to become a qualified dog training instructor, participants may elect to enrol in the Certified Instructors Course (CIC) Dog Training and Behaviour. If so, an RPL (recognition of prior learning) will apply to some components of the CIC. Therefore, participants would only need to stay for 4 weeks more to complete the CIC (normally 6 week program). Also, the full fee of the CIC would be adjusted to reflect 6 weeks of attendance.

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