Tan Teck Woon

I’ve really enjoyed my time here and thank you very much. Everything is personal and I enjoyed the personal touch as it was unexpected. Iam indeed very happy and proud to be a Certified Instructor with D.O.G.S of Australia & associated with Command Dog Training School. Coming to D.O.G.S of Australia is the second best choice I’ve made in my life. The best choice I’ve made is becoming a Dog Training Instructor.Tan Teck Woon from A Good Dog Training School http://www.agooddogtraining.com/

Lee Yee Yee

I am very pleased with the amount of exposure I had to the home training, training venues, different customers and different instructors. I am very happy to be able to do some training in Intermediate 1 & 2 to gain further insights into more advanced methods. I am pleased with the support from Dog Trainers Australia and am confident to move forward and knowing that I can still contact the school for guidance and advice.

Koshi & Ritsuko Okiuzumi – Aussie Dog School

It was a great experience to take CIC course and to get to know Basil and other instructors. We are so happy with what we have acquired with Dog Trainers Australia and at Command Dog Training School. All the instructors, especially Basil was always with us and gave us exact answer and lots of advice. I have been back again and completed my Extended Practical Training Module.

Koshi & Ritsuko Okiuzumi - Aussie Dog School Japan - Overseas Student Trainer Program

Asia Ciarkowska

Thankyou for helping me achieve my goals and making my dreams come true. Your course is awesome and I am really greatful that I could participate in dogtraining with you. Thank you very much for everything. Asia.

Asia Ciarkowska Poland - Overseas Student Trainer Program

Audrey Ng

Thank you for your patience and guidance. I have benefited a lot from this course. I really appreciate all that you have done to make this course a fruitul one.

Audrey Ng Singapore - Overseas Student Trainer Program

Stan Buck

I found the course easy to follow & learn from. I think it would help anybody to understand about dog training and to gain self-confidence in Instructing. Your 4 week program greatly benefited our club’s instructors.

Stan Buck President Wiltja Dog Obedience Club

Mack Leung & Eric Ko

Dogaroo Training (Eric Ko) http://www.dogarootraining.com/about.html Mack Dog Training (Mack Leung) http://www.mackdogtraining.hk I am very pleased to join the CIC progam! Studying with Basil, the course instructor, made me very happy!! He taught me a lot, especially how to be a good dog trainer. Also, he would like to share everything about dog training to me. He is not only my instructor, also my friend! Basil, Thank you very much!! You changed my life! .. Mack Leung

Mack Leung & Eric Ko Hong Kong - Overseas Student Trainer Program

Raven Osborne & Sing Lam Yancy

Sing Lam Yancy Basil, thank you so much for your patience and support. The best thing is the range it covers, from theories to practical training to styles of teaching by different instructors. With so many chances of observing and handling different types of dogs it certainly helped a lot.

Raven Osborne & Sing Lam Yancy Singapore & Hong Kong Overseas Student Trainer Program

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Lynne Miles

The course was well laid out and informative and the handouts were great. The Instructors made you feel comfortable, welcome and always helpful and happy to assist.

Lynne Miles Best Friend Dog Walking

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Rachel Rowe

After nine years of staying home with children, stepping back into the real world was challenging. Although I had spent most of my life with dogs, the D.O.G.S of Australia Certified Instructor Course (CIC) made me realise there was a great deal more to learn. I now have confidence in dealing with all sorts of dogs and the problems that arise during the course of training their owners. This CIC has opened a door to the world of employment and self-confidence. A big thanks to all the gifted staff & Instructors of D.O.G.S of Australia.

Rachel Rowe

Claude Tonna

Your guidance & tutoring throughout, was a terrific learning curve and I have come away with a more professional outlook on training. The course provided me with much more knowledge and authority in dealing with problems, people skills, teaching & learning principles and observation.

Claude Tonna Secretary Wiltja Obedience Dog Club

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Natasha B.

I have learnt a lot about dogs and how to teach them and take classes and teach others. I am more confident to talk in front of people. Everything was covered well and I observed a range of Instructors and was able to learn ranges of teaching techniques. Instructors were very supportive and helpful.

Natasha B.

Tomer Goodes

This course is one of the most professional course I ever saw because I am from Israel. I checked every country and this one seems like the best of them. When I went to a job interview in Israel and people saw my references and the certificate from D.O.G.S of Australia, they were amazed. The course thaught me a lot about dogs, how they think, why they do things that we don’t understand. It gives you a brighter point of view about how to take care of your dog and strengthen the bond between you and them. It even gives Continue Reading

Tomer Goodes Israel - Overseas Student Trainer Program

Fumi Yasuoka

I really enjoyed the course and the support the Instructors gave me. I learnt a lot especially how to train many different breeds of dogs.

Japan - Overseas Student Trainer Program

Kingswood College – Science & Technology Workshop

Thank you for your very informative session on behalf of D.O.G.S. of Australia incorporating your presentation to the “Animals Behaving Badly” theme group as part of Kingswood College’s Science and Technology Workshop. …Linda Brush – Head of Science Faculty

Kingswood College - Science & Technology Workshop Animals Behaving Badly Workshop

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Heather Griffiths – Animal Management Officer, City of Whitehorse

The presentation was clear and easy to follow. I feel I now have a much better and clearer understanding of dogs… I feel that this is a worthwhile experience to anyone who deals with dogs through their employment…

Heather Griffiths Canine Management Workshop

Matt (Australia), Yang Zi (Singapore) Gary (Singapore), Janna (Australia), Ivan (Singapore)

“Thanks for your time Basil. You’ve been a great Instructor and I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in Melbourne doing this course.” Janna “It’s an eye opener to me as a previous Military Dog Handler to be able to learn how to train domestic dogs. This course has caught my interest and my desire to learn and understand more about canines” Ivan. “Wonderful experience and knowledge learnt” Gary.

Janna, Ivan, Gary Overseas Program 1/2015

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Nilumbik Shire Ranger

“Interesting presenter. Able to hold attention of the class… Easy to understand…. Sound knowledge base…”

Nilumbik Shire Ranger