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We offer a variety of comprehensive dog trainer school programs to give you the knowledge and tools you need in the field that you love the most.

Overseas Student Training Programs

Designed for overseas students wishing to become qualified dog trainers/instructors. With over 120 hours of practical training included, student trainers will learn to handle, care, and train a variety of dogs during this intensive program.

Resident Student Training Programs

This is a part-time program, it will not interfere with student’s work commitments as the modules are conducted on Sundays and practical training on Saturdays with some midweek evening sessions also

Canine Management Workshops

Dog Trainers Australia provides workshops to small & large organisations requiring SME’s (Subject Matter Experts) on canine behaviour. These workshops are designed as part of OH&S training for employees who come into contact with dogs as part of their duties in particular AMO’s (Animal Management Officers).

Kindergarten Puppy Training Module (KPT)

This program is a stand alone program on Early Learning for young puppies. It is ideal for Vet Nurses who wish to conduct their own Puppy Courses or for Qualified Trainers who wish to extend their qualification.

Extended Practical Training Module

In this module, student trainers build on their existing skills from the CIC program by completing a further 50 hours of practical training including hours of instruction practice, canine husbandry and Intermediate – Advanced Training (includes trick training, agility training, scent work, retrieve)

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